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IHE Integration Statement


IHE -Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise-



IHE統合宣言書(DxLab-LIS) 2013年12月更新

IHE Integration Statement

Vender Product Name Version Date
Beckman Coulter K.K. DxLab LIS N/A 01 Aug.2013
This product implements all transactions required in the IHE Technical Framework, IHE Laboratory Framework and IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework to support the IHE Integration Profiles, Actors and Options listed below:
Integration Profiles
Actors Implemented Options Implemented
Laboratory Testing Workflow
Order Filler Graphs and Images in Laboratory Result (GIR)
Laboratory Device Automation
(LDA) *2
Automation Manager Laboratory Analytical Workflow (LAW)*3
Laboratory Point of Care Testing
(LPOCT) *4
Order Filler No Options Defined
Laboratory Barcode Labeling
Label Information Provider No Options Defined
Consistent Time
(CT) *6
Time Client No Options Defined
Patient Administration Management
(PAM) *7
Patient Demographics Supplier No Options Defined
Patient Demographics Consumer
Patient Encounter Supplier No Options Defined
Patient Encounter Consumer
Patient Demographics Query
Patient Demographics Consumer No Options Defined
Patient Demographics Supplier
Internet Address for vender's IHE information
Links to Standards Conformance Statements for the Implementation
HL7 None
Links to general information on IHE
In North America In Europe In Japan
    Required transaction in IHE-J Connectathon 2013
  • *1 : LAB-1, LAB-2 and LAB-3
  • *2 : LAB-21, LAB-22 and LAB-23
  • *3 : LAB-27, LAB-28 and LAB-29
  • *4 : LAB-32
  • *5 : LAB-61 and LAB-62
  • *6 : ITI-1
  • *7 : ITI-030 and ITI-031
  • *8 : ITI-21 and ITI-22